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Funding and Commercialization Support

What Clients Say

"I've been working with OppsSpot for about 3 years now. OppsSpot is great at strategizing product commercialization. They know who's who and will get your technology in front of the right people, which is super important."- Jesse Williams, CTO, Global Technology Connection, Inc.
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OppsSpot has over 15 years of expertise and a successful track record with the SBIR/STTR program and SBIR consulting services. Through these years, we have developed a well defined process  that creates high quality proposals, increases the probability of winning Phase Is and Phase I to Phase II conversion rates. Our systems engineering approach and expertise has helped secure millions of dollars of SBIR/STTR funding for small business.


OppsSpot assists businesses through all the SBIR/STTR Phases:

  • Opportunity discovery and creation

  • Assist in Finding Topics

  • Build relationships and identify early adopters and stakeholders

  • Define requirements

  • Proposal development and management

  • Coaching and training workshops

  • Expert reviewers

  • Commercialization strategy

  • Program management after award

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Customized services based on your needs!

If you need commercialization and/or transition assistance your company can take advantage of Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) when responding to SBIR/STTR projects. TABA allows a small business to elect to acquire the assistance services itself, as opposed to using the vendor that an Agency may provide. In which case you can include OppsSpot as part of your proposal as your qualified vendor.

Some of OppsSpot's customized TABA services include:

  • Market Research, Analysis and Strategy

  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL), Users and Potential Partner Interviews

  • Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, and Threats (SCOT) Analysis

  • IP Landscape Review

  • Marketing Materials Preparation

  • Representation at Trade Shows and Conferences

  • Team Building Strategies

  • Commercialization Assessments

  • Opportunity Discovery

  • Partnering Strategies

  • Fundraising Strategy

  • Web and Social Media Presence 

We also provide a TABA Needs Assessment Report in the technical and business areas. For more information see our TABA Services Page.


To learn how OppsSpot can help, contact us at

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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

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Exceeding Expectations

Technology commercialization involves taking an idea from concept to the market place, including building a strong business foundation, accelerating success through an effective team, discovering financing opportunities,  and protection of intellectual property.

Working with our customers, we build new business development and commercialization strategies, which include the any combination of the following services:

  • Marketing Intelligence (Market Research) and New Market Strategy

  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis

  • Prospecting and connecting through strategic alliances with companies, entrepreneurs, patenting experts to protect IP, and investors

  • Alignment with federal acquisition programs and prime contractors as appropriate​

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Committed to Quality

OppsSpot has worked with many Government agencies, including DOE, NASA, NIH, NSF, and DOD. Through a well-defined business development and commercialization strategy, we will:

  • Strategic networking to build and manage relationships

  • Opportunity discovery, creation or capture

  • Finding Government and/or private funding that match your goals

  • Identify Prime contractors for teaming and partnering opportunities

  • Provide support for proposal development, review, submittal, and follow-through, and

  • Contract/Project/Program management after award.

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